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Crab Dishes

Available sizes
1/2 Kilo Crab
Up to 700g
Up to 800g
Up to 900g
Up to 1Kg
Kilo Crab
Above 1kg
Above 1.1kg
1.2kg Rs.12000
1.3kg Rs.12800
1.4kg Rs.13600
1.5kg 16000
1.6kg 17200
1.7kg 18400
1.8kg 19600
1.9kg 20800
Rs.1600 per 100g thereafter

Availability of crab sizes depends on the weather gods and various other factors. We apologise in advance if the size of crab you want is not available.
"There are no regulations against harvesting baby crab, but at Ministry of Crab we believe in sustainability and do not serve crabs below 500g. We hope that you too will take this message with you as you go on to enjoy your crab in Sri Lanka and around the world"

Chilli Crab
This dish gave Sri Lankan crabs the iconic status they enjoy in South Asia. Our version makes use of the variety of chillies available to us here in Sri Lanka to create a warmth, a sweetness, and an incredible depth of flavour.

Pepper Crab
Even before this building was constructed, Black Pepper was the king of spice in Sri Lanka. All our curries were black, as Red Chilli was not native to the region. This dish, which is made using hand crushed pepper corns (rolled on a traditional miris gala), whole pepper corns, and a pepper stock, fuses two ingredients endemic to Sri Lanka.

Garlic Crab
A unique wok fried crab dish, blending the distinct flavours of Italian olive oil, Japanese soy sauce, and garlic.
Also available
Garlic Chilli Crab - served with piquant peperoncini
Garlic Pepper Crab — served with spicy peppercoms

Curry Crab
A traditional Sri Lankan curry made using drumstick leaves and Sri Lanka's freshest crabs.

Baked Crab
(3 hours notice required) Rs.1600
Inspired by the classic, Dharshan created this version as he feels that the, "main ingredient in Baked Crab should be Crab." Likened by some to a Crab Risotto, our Baked Crab makes a satisfying starter or a tasty side. Please understand that we require a minimum of three hours notice to prepare this dish, as it is made to order.

Butter Crab
(6 hours notice recommended)
This dish is the best way to appreciate the full flavour of these amazing crustaceans – it also happens to be Kumar's favourite. Our butter crab is best served chilled, with warm butter (6 hours notice required). However, we are also happy to make this dish available warm (no prior notice required). Order male crabs for more claw meat, and female crabs for tender sweet meat. (Upto large crab sizes available)

Avocado Crab Salad 960
Steamed and chilled white meat made into a spicy wasabi green salad. Served in Avocado with Wasabi Nori.

Prawn Dishes

Choose from Black Tiger Prawns or Fresh Water Prawns

Chilli Prawns
Pepper Prawns
Garlic Prawns
Garlic Chilli Prawns
Garlic Pepper Prawn
Olive Oil & Soy Prawns
Butter Soy Prawns

1/2 Dozen Black Tiger Prawns - Rs.1280
large Fresh Water Prawns - Rs.1280/pc
OMG Prawns (Depending on the Catch of the Day)
300g - Rs.1600
400g - Rs.2560
500g - Rs.3760

Clay Pot Prawn Curry
Half a kilo of prawns (we use two types to make the stock extra flavoursome) go into this curry. Served with traditional wood fired ""Kade Bread", some have called this the best prawn curry in the country.
Rs.2960 ( Serves 2-4)

"えびの炭火焼き(塩焼き)Ebi Shioyaki"
A traditional Japanese dish, our Ebi Shioyaki (salt-grilled prawn) is cooked with sweet natural salt, on hard wood charcoal

Black Tiger Prawn (Per Prawn) - Rs.320
Maru Ebi (2 Peeled Black Tiger Prawns) 480

Grilled Naked Prawn, Completely de-shelled prawns
grilled on an skewer. Ask for a pinch of chilli if you like

Fish Dishes

Spicy Teriyaki Seer
Boneless and Skinless Seer Fish marinated in an all natural Teriyaki Sauce from our sister restaurant Nihonbashi

Harvested on order and brought to us in a day, this dish is steamed in ginger and a light Shiitake based soya sauce.
Upto 500g    Rs. 880
500g - 700g    Rs. 1680
700g & above    Rs. 2320

Chicken Dishes

Spicy Chicken Teriyaki
A Japanese favourite made with Dharshan's own teriyaki sauce recipe from our sister restaurant Nihonbashi.

Olive Oil & Soy Grilled Chicken/Grouper
A dish from Dharshan's TV show "Culinary Journeys" - a must-have for most of its fans.
Rs.1280/ Rs.1680

Chicken Curry Rice
Served with Japanese Sticky Rice, Pol Sambol and a Fried Egg, this is the chicken curry described by Mahela as "legendary."
Also available with 'Kade' bread



Japanese Rice Small Rs.320

Japanese Rice Large Rs.480

Garlic Rice Rs.800

Leek Fried Rice Rs.800

Prawn Rice Rs.1280

Kani Chahan
Japanese style crab fried rice


KanKun GarlicRs.480

KanKun Garlic & eggRs.560

Button MushroomsRs.640

Mixed VegetablesRs.560

“Kade Bread” කඩේ පාන්
Traditional Sri Lankan wood fired bread

Pol Sambol (with Maldive fish)
Made a la minute, our Pol Sambol is scraped by hand on order, before being ground on a traditional “miris gala”.

A thick slice of traditional Sri Lankan wood fired bread glazed in garlic butter and chargrilled.



Madushi's Heavenly Chocolate Biscuit Pudding
Made using dark Belgian chocolate and fresh cream

Coconut Panacotta
A rich and creamy coconut indulgence

Coffee Jelly
A refreshingly light dessert made with sweetened, strong coffee

M.O.C Belgian Chocolate Fondue
Belgian Dark Chocolate Fondue served with strawberries for dipping.

Long Black 480
Short Black 480
Cafe Au Lait 560
Macchiato 560

Black & Green Tea
First Flush UVA 320
Nuwara Eliya 320
Ruhuna 320
Dimbula 320
Kandy 320
Sencha 480

Thirst Quenchers

Iced Tea Soda (500ml carafe) Rs.320 Our Iced Tea Soda is super popular, and is an all natural, preservative free alternative to traditional soft drinks.

Elephant House Ginger Beer (EGB) Rs.320 A unique beverage made to a 100 year old recipe using natural Sri Lankan Ginger specially grown for Elephant House in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Every sip of EGB will enhance your food experience

Freshly squeezed chilled Orange Juice

King Koko Rs.320

Lime Juice/Soda Rs.320

Passion Fruit Juice/Soda Rs.320

Club Soda Rs.240

Mineral Water (1L)Rs.240

To help keep Sri Lanka clean we serve our mineral water in a carafe. Supplied to us in re-usable 20 litre containers, serving our water in a carafe helps to cut down on the amount of plastic waste we generate, and also to reduce the carbon footprint which results from transporting water in small quantities.

San Pellegrino 500ml/1000mlRs.720/Rs.1120

Acqua Panna (1000ml)Rs.1120

Centella (500ml)Rs.320

All our fruit juices are fresh. Please do excuse us if they are not available.

Opening Debates

Lion 300ml (Draught) 400

House Bubbles
We Proudly Serve (VeuveClicquot) As our House Champagne 20,320
Torresella Prosecco 4,720 1,040/ 150ml

House Whites
Hans Greyl Sauvignon Blanc 6,640 1,360/ 150ml
Banrock Station Chardonnay 4,720 1,040/ 150ml
Nederburg Riesling Riesling 5,440 1,360/ 150ml

House Rose
Gris Blanc 5,600 1,360/150ml


House Reds
Torresella Refosco 4,720 800/ 125ml

Gin & Tonic
Colombo Gin (750ml/50ml/25ml) 13,040/ 1,040/ 640
Hendrick's Gin (750ml/50ml/25ml) 17,920/ 1,520/ 800


Small Island Iced Tea Rs.720
Our First Original Cocktail This Blend of Premium
Old Arrack And Ministry Of Crab's
Signature Iced Tea Soda Is a Celebration Of Sri Lanka


A simple Japanese preparation made with butter and soya sauce, there clams are fresh and make a great starter.
Rs. 960

Oyster sixers
served with an aged soya sauce, that Dharshan started 20 years ago, and a homemade hot sauce, These shooters make a great starter. Use 2-3 drops of each on each oyster and enjoy. Comes in a set of six.
Rs.1520/ With Vodka Rs. 2000

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